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WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, today announced it has acquired Ascender Corp., a privately held font provider with long-standing relationships with several leading brands including Google and Microsoft, for $10.2 million in cash and stock, net of acquired assets. The acquisition enables Monotype Imaging to broaden its font intellectual property offerings and gain significant typeface design and development talent. Founded in 2003 by font experts who've been involved in producing some of the most widely used fonts in the world, Ascender specializes in typeface design, development and licensing. Ascender fonts, like Monotype Imaging fonts, can be found everywhere that digital text empowers communication, from branded communications for print and the Web to consumer electronics devices and software products. Examples of typefaces designed by Ascender include the Droid™ user interface fonts for the Android™ mobile platform and the Segoe® WP fonts that are core to Microsoft's Windows® Phone 7. Ascender has also created many custom fonts for worldwide brand identities of Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Ascender, employees designed or worked on such prominent projects as the first TrueType® fonts ever to ship with Windows and Apple® operating systems, as well as user interface fonts for Windows and each generation of the Xbox® video game console. "Ascender is passionate about type and understands its power to secure brand trust, engage everyday communication and enhance creativity," said Doug Shaw, president and chief executive officer at Monotype Imaging. "We're excited to have Ascender on board, which reinforces our commitment to offer the world's best font solutions. Ascender brings to Monotype Imaging vast industry and design experience, well established customer relationships and the ability to solve challenging technical problems. Uniting our strengths will enhance our ability to grow our business and combine technology with design to help the world communicate." "We look forward to adding our artistry, craftsmanship and technical expertise to the team at Monotype Imaging — skills that are at the heart of the company's history and remain true today," said Ira Mirochnick, president of Ascender. "Together we'll be able to provide unparalleled solutions for next-generation products, brands and technologies." A wide range of font offerings from Ascender will be integrated into Monotype Imaging's product and service portfolio. The Ascender® Originals typeface library joins the Monotype®, Linotype® and ITC® collections as the newest member of Monotype Imaging's premier font libraries. Other Ascender offerings include custom design services, Microsoft® fonts, multilingual Unicode™ fonts, type engineered for on-screen reading, fonts for brand identity and various font licensing solutions. Ascender's e-commerce stores include, which offers thousands of high-quality TrueType and OpenType® fonts for design professionals;, which targets creative enthusiasts using Microsoft Office and other applications; and Ascender's FontsLive™ subscription service, which allows designers to use high-quality Web fonts for Web page design. Lee Aldridge, global brand officer at Young & Rubicam Brands, said, "Our close relationship with Ascender has clearly raised the typographic quality of our work. We are inspired by Ascender's outright passion for type. Now mention ‘Monotype Imaging' and it's a special opportunity — you have a name with recognition in a much greater sphere. Combining Ascender with the historical depth and craft of Monotype Imaging's font brands will result in products and services that deliver even greater quality and appeal."

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